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Programs Advance the Sport Aurora Strategic Plan!

Sport Aurora's Strategic Plan is based upon four important pillars that align with Canada's Sport Policy:

Improving Capacity
It is the objective of Sport Aurora to provide programs and services that enable each of our Member Organizations to increase their capacity to deliver high quality programs to their members.  When we help our members build their capacity, they thrive.

Enhancing Participation
Youth participation rates must not be allowed to fall.  We must respond and encourage people of all ages and stages of development to increase participation levels.  Our Member Organizations provide fun, safe and developmentally appropriate programs to encourage participation but they need help to reach out to more of our community and in particular those who are new to Aurora.  Our Sport Aurora Programs help each Member Organization to engage more people in healthy, supervised and safe activity.

Developing Integration
Efficiency and effectiveness comes from working together and integrating programs and services.  Through our integrated programs, each Sport Aurora Member Organization now has a repository of best practices from which to draw and follow as well as unique and multi-sport programs that recruit and retain volunteers and celebrate participation.  Our objective is to maintain open and cooperative dialogue amongst our Member Organizations and partners and work together to achieve common ends. 

Celebrating Excellence
When excellent programs are delivered, excellent results follow.  When participants from our Member Organizations excel, their accomplishments must be celebrated, publicly and appropriately.  The Town of Aurora is rich with sport knowledge, skill and expertise through our Member Organizations and this naturally translates into high-performance and excellence.  Our sport participants in Aurora will be honoured for their performances and they will become exemplars to those who follow.

How Can I Participate?
Each of the Sport Aurora Programs has been built from the central theme of improving Capacity, enhancing Participation, developing Integration and celebrating Excellence

Visit any of our program pages to the left and learn more about how we are advancing our Strategic Plan making Aurora a better Place to Play!  

If you have time to donate and skill to share please contact us because we want to hear from you! 

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