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Sport Aurora values the participation of all entities that further our mission, beliefs and vision.  We are a not-for-profit incorporated entity in the Province of Ontario that is governed through a Constitution that guarantees the rights of the members and governs the actions of the membership and the seven elected executive who meet monthly to further the strategic plan of the organization.

The 2014 Sport Aurora membership presently includes 27 local sport organizations that provide a sport experience to approximately 7,000 participant members in both genders from the ages of 3 to 80 years of age, through the efforts of just under 2,000 volunteers.

An Affiliate Membership (otherwise known as Sponsorship) Category has been included in the Sport Aurora constitution in order to offer those who are not directly responsible for the provision of sport to the community to participate with sport through their membership in the organization.

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(As of January, 2016)

Sponsor members are those who have business interests with sport as vendors or who provide services or products to the at-large memberships of the organizations. 

Affiliate/Sponsor members believe in the value of sport and wish to affiliate with Sport Aurora in order to demonstrate their support of sport and their community involvement publicly.  The Affiliate Membership is an ex-officio membership and therefore carries no rights to vote at any executive or Annual General Meeting.

Sport Aurora is a major contributor to the magazine Sport in Aurora that is published six times per year and celebrates the accomplishments of all amateur sports on and off the fields of play.  Affiliate/Sponsor members have the right to publish and advertise in this magazine that is distributed to over 15,000 homes in Aurora.

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Mission Statement: The Mission of Sport Aurora is to promote participation in sport and recreation for all citizens of the community we serve. Vision Statement: Sport Aurora is committed to be a progressive, dynamic leadership team promoting quality sport and recreation. Our Beliefs: Working together for the common good of sport. Providing sport opportunities for all. Demonstrating honesty, integrity and respect in our roles as community leaders in sport. Promoting the benefits of sport participation for all. Ensuring a safe, healthy, friendly and fun environment for all in sport Respecting all participants equally from the playground to the podium Encouraging fair play and adhering to the spirit of the rules Providing strong leadership support for our local sport organizations Recognizing the importance of volunteers’ contribution to sport Celebrating participation successes and expertise Working in partnerships and sharing resources and expertise both internally and externally. Recruiting, developing, retaining and recognizing competent, ethical and certified coaches and officials. A Member of VICommunity www.vicommunity.com, Powered by QC Technologies Inc., www.qcti.net