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Open Streets Aurora June 4th, 2017

Open Streets is a neighbourhood experience designed to encourage people of all ages to visit an interesting location by providing activities that are non-commercial and engaging.  Open Streets Aurora will encourage active transportation through walking or wheeling in the Cultural Precinct on June 4th, as thousands of people are attracted to the Town during the Chamber of Commerce Street Festival.

Open Streets Aurora includes, Sport Aurora, Music Aurora and Bike Aurora, in cooperation with Healthy Kids Community Challenge, Parks & Recreation, the Seniors Association and York Regional Police who will provide interactive displays and opportunities for fun in the area to and from around Town Park. The York Region Basketball Association (YNBA) will be hosting the first ever 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament that will become an annual outdoor sport tourism event.  The streets that will be opened to pedestrians and closed to vehicular traffic will be Mosley Streets from Yonge to Wells Street, Wells Street from Mosley to Metcalfe Street and Victorial Street from Mosley to Church Street.

All residents and visitors to Aurora on June 4th, are encouraged to tour our streets and enjoy their day in Aurora!


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