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Sport Scraps - May 2nd, 2024 - Multi-Sport involvement builds a diverse skill set

Sport Scraps - February 19th, 2021 - SPORT SCRAPS IS BACK!

Sport Scraps - March 25th 2021 - The Role of Facility Permitting

Sport Scraps - April 15th 2021 - Volunteers Are the Heart of Sports in Aurora

Sport Scraps - May 20th 2021 - A Unique Program to Demonstrate Sport Resiliency in Aurora

Sport Scraps - June 17th 2021 - Why is getting back to play so important? Ron Weese discusses the problem and some solutions!

Sport Scraps - July 15th 2021 - Ron Weese discusses the importance of Sport Organizations building great relationships with local sport business sponsors

Sport Scraps - August 19th 2021 - Ron Weese Discusses an "IDEA" - Removing Barriers

Sport Scraps - September 23rd 2021 - Ron Weese discusses his "IDEA" on Inclusion in Sport

Sport Scraps - October 21st - Ron Weese Discusses an "IDEA" on Diversity

Sport Scraps - November 25th 2021 - Ron Weese Discusses an "IDEA" on Equality & Equity

Sport Scraps - January 13th 2022 - Ron Weese Discusses What "ACTION" is Needed

Sport Scraps - May 5th 2022 - Can Aurora Become a Sport Tourism Destination?

Sport Scraps - July 7th, 2022 - Try Me! The benefits of playing multiple sports!

Survey #1 Communications -
How to effectively Communicate with our Members

Mission Statement: The Mission of Sport Aurora is to promote participation in sport and recreation for all citizens of the community we serve. Vision Statement: Sport Aurora is committed to be a progressive, dynamic leadership team promoting quality sport and recreation. Our Beliefs: Working together for the common good of sport. Providing sport opportunities for all. Demonstrating honesty, integrity and respect in our roles as community leaders in sport. Promoting the benefits of sport participation for all. Ensuring a safe, healthy, friendly and fun environment for all in sport Respecting all participants equally from the playground to the podium Encouraging fair play and adhering to the spirit of the rules Providing strong leadership support for our local sport organizations Recognizing the importance of volunteers’ contribution to sport Celebrating participation successes and expertise Working in partnerships and sharing resources and expertise both internally and externally. Recruiting, developing, retaining and recognizing competent, ethical and certified coaches and officials. A Member of VICommunity, Powered by QC Technologies Inc.,